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Is it carpet cleaning time again? Are you debating using carpet dry cleaning or a steam cleaning method? Carpet Cleaning Tinley Park is known in this area as the most professional, most comprehensive residential cleaning service. Here are Carpet Cleaning Tinley Park's insights regarding dry cleaning vs. steam cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Vs. Steam Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning entails the application of chemicals to the carpet surface. The chemicals can be delivered to the carpet as a dry-foam (like come over-the-counter carpet shampoo), which is applied to the carpet, allowed to dry and then vacuumed away, as a reactive spray applied via an oscillating cotton, as a dry-compound that is spread on the carpet, brushed and then vacuumed away, or the dry chem method, which employs a nylon bonnet pad. These methods result in varying degrees of efficiency. Of the four, the dry foam is considered to be the least effective, as it does not employ any mechanism for removing residue that has become embedded in carpet fibers or at the base of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is also called water extraction carpet cleaning. It entails the application of a pressurized stream of steam onto the carpet to loosen and flush away debris. The debris, as well as any moisture, is simultaneously extracted into a holding tank or receptacle via intense suction. The steam used in this process can be either hot or cold, though it is commonly held that hot steam cleaning is more effective than its cooler counterpart.

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning Equipment

Professional organizations, such as Carpet Cleaning Tinley Park, usually use truck mounted steam cleaning equipment. This equipment provides state-of-the-art results without introducing any big machinery into your home environment. Do-it-yourselfers can also achieve adequate results with consumer-grade steam cleaners, but must be extremely conscientious about servicing their machine. Poorly serviced steam cleaners not only clean poorly, but if the extraction mechanism is not in top form, inefficient drying may set the stage for fungal and bacterial growth.

High-temperature steam on its own does an excellent job at annihilating carpet stains, and is equally effective when it comes to pet odor removal, as well, making steam cleaning an Eco-Friendly choice. It is important to note that some carpet cleaning services add chemicals to boost results.

At Carpet Cleaning Tinley Park we use Eco-Friendly products and recommend on steam cleaning method

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