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Proper carpet care will keep your indoors looking and smelling good. It will also keep your carpets in service longer. Carpet Cleaning Mount Prospect wants you to benefit from years of carpet cleaning wisdom with these excellent tips.

Carpet Cleaning Tips - Carpet Cleaning Mount Prospect

Tip 1: Prevention is worth an ounce of cure. Install door mats and area rugs at entrances and encourage their use. Wiping the soles of your shoes before walking on your carpet really is effective in stopping dirt and grime before it makes its way to your carpets.

Tip 2: We at Carpet Cleaning Mount Prospect suggests to establish a vacuuming routine. First, determine how often your home requires vacuuming by considering factors such as foot traffic, the presence of pets, children or individuals with respiratory sensitivities, and smokers. Then, vacuum methodically, making sure to cover every inch of the carpet surface.

Tip 3: When vacuuming, pay attention to your machine's performance. Reduced suction can indicate full dust receptacles/vacuum bags, or a blocked filter. Ignoring these issues can have dire results, and may even be a fire hazard.

Tip 4: If you've got furry/hairy pets, use a sponge mop lightly sprayed with fabric softener, or a rubber broom, to sweep up hair that's made its way to the carpet. This should really be done daily - if you wait too long, the hair/fur is likely to become embedded in carpet/upholstery fibers.

Tip 5:Carpet Cleaning Mount Prospect professional's recommend to clean up any spills or pet accidents immediately to prevent setting and staining. Gently remove any solid matter and then blot up damp spots. Avoid using large quantities of water, or any other liquid - including carpet stain removal products. Too much moisture in your carpet can lead to the development of bacterial or fungal contamination.

Tip 6: Deep clean your carpets via carpet steam cleaning once every two to three years. You may have to steam clean more often in heavy traffic areas, but don't let it go longer than three years. Steam cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt, dust and bacterial buildup from your carpet's fibers, thus improving the look, feel and smell of your carpet. Steam cleaning can be a done as a do-it-yourself project, or you can call a professional carpet cleaning organization like Carpet Cleaning Mount Prospect.

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