Customers Testimonials

"As a property manager, my job is to make sure that all units are occupied at all times. That means I have to minimize the time it takes me to get an apartment ready for a new tenant, and still make sure everything looks and smells great. After all, nobody's going to sign a lease on a space that smells like cats or cigarettes or whatever the last tenant was into. Carpet Cleaning Chicago is who I call. The cleaning crews always show up on time and get the job done to my satisfaction. I've never seen the equipment they use - it's installed on their van - but it must be pretty strong because it doesn't leave behind any dirt. Even better, there's no chemical smell that might turn off a new tenant.
My favorite Carpet Cleaning Chicago experience? Once, after a long-time tenant had vacated their unit, I thought I'd have to change the carpet. That's expensive! But the guys at Carpet Cleaning Chicago did such a good job, I didn't have to replace it after all!"

Tony Shaw (Jan, 2012)


"Carpet Cleaning Chicago cleaned tile and grout in our bathrooms yesterday and I just can't get over how good they look! And to think, I was about to putout big bucks on a big bathroom remodel. I'd recommend Carpet Cleaning Chicago for tile and grout cleaning to anyone."

Andy Wansford (Jan, 2012)


"I felt great about hiring Carpet Cleaning Chicago to clean my furniture. They were one of several companies that I called, and I chose them because the person who spoke with me was courteous and polite, and treated me in a professional manner. Even so, as cleaning day approached, I started getting a little nervous. Call it a case of too much information - I started surfing the net and found all sorts of articles about carpet cleaning scams and deceitful practices. How did I know that my instincts were right about Carpet Cleaning Chicago? Well, they were. The cleaners showed up on time and showed me the same professional service that I had received when I first called. They brushed and vacuumed the upholstery from top to bottom, pretreated stains as necessary, and then cleaned it until it looked new. And I didn't pay a penny over the estimate. I'd recommend Carpet Cleaning Chicago to any of my friends - it is an honest, trustworthy, professional carpet cleaning and house cleaning service provider."

Alicia Rubin (Oct, 2011)


"When I opened my boutique, my interior designer recommended wall to wall plush carpeting. It was a little more expensive than some of the other flooring options, but it conveyed a certain image. When I mentioned my concerns about upkeep, Charles handed me a Carpet Cleaning Chicago business card. I called them before I even bought the carpet, just to get an idea of how much carpet cleaning would cost. The person I spoke with didn't just throw out an arbitrary number - he asked detailed questions about the carpet and the nature of the business - how much foot traffic did we expect, how we intended to handle maintenance, and so on. He gave me a very conservative estimate, and tips about how to maintain the carpet and how often to have it cleaned. Calling Carpet Cleaning Chicago turned out to be one of my better business decisions."

Marion Harrison (Aug, 2011)

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