Commercial Cleaning

Carpets are wonderful pieces that add a touch of class to your home. With varied textures and designs, they offer home makers the option to experiment with looks and style of living rooms.

However, keeping carpets clean and dust free is a cumbersome task especially with kids and pets around. A variety of stains and spots can damage the construction as well as the beauty of your carpet.

While you can experiment to clean the carpets yourself, chances are high that you will be able to remove the spots only superficially or in the process to get intensive, spoil the carpet. Therefore you need to be extra careful while cleaning the carpets.

The Commercial Cleaning Industry

With the commercial cleaning industry going from strength to strength, carpet cleaning is not a burden anymore. Commercial cleaners are equipped with state of the art technology and cutting edge equipment that renders cleaning services very efficient and reliable. With trained staff, who understands the nuances of commercial cleaning, you can trust your priced carpets with such providers.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment

Commercial cleaning equipments are diverse ranging from carpet sweepers, Vacuum cleaners, Cleaning Extractors, Steam cleaners et al. Depending on the construction of your carpet and fabric quality commercial cleaners choose the right one that suits your need.

A few of the popular techniques are:

  • Vacuuming - The basic for of carpet cleaning, Vacuuming regularly keeps your carpet dust free. Commercial cleaners have powerful vacuum cleaners that can remove up to 80% of the surface dirt.
  • Steam Cleaning - Steam Cleaning is synonymous with thorough cleaning. Steam cleaning your carpets twice a year in a commercial cleaning service will keep them well maintained, germ free and lustrous. Steam cleaning is time consuming and takes more time to dry as hot water is used to flush out the murk from your carpets.
  • Dry cleaning - Dry cleaning employs the technique of using very less or no water. A variety of techniques and solvents are used for dry cleaning ranging from Encapsulation, Dry Compound, Solvent Extraction and Bonnet cleaning. Each process uses varying degrees of moisture for cleaning and hence requires different drying times. Dry cleaning is a quick way of cleaning your carpets, but not necessarily the best, as it cannot penetrate deeper areas, which require steam treatment.
  • Foam Cleaning - Foam cleaning employs the brushing in of foam using a rotary machine. Once the foam is dry along with the soil, it is vacuumed off using a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  • Shampooing is usually done in conjunction with steam cleaning for finer results. The detergent, which is worked up into a foam, catches the soil and dirt on the carpet and this lather is later removed using wet or dry vacuuming. The residue that remains after shampooing can be flushed off using steam-cleaning treatment.

With such techniques, commercial carpet cleaning service ensure that all sorts of stains and spots are taken care of and there is nothing left for you to worry about. You, on your part, can check whether these service providers use Eco-Friendly products or not. Keep in mind, greener planet is an initiative worth trying for.

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